Regional Council vote deferred

Watch the livestream workshop on Feb 9th instead!

Photo Credit: Dwayne Gilbert, Milton Don't stop now - keep the pressure on!

  • Stop the land grab!

Save 5000 acres of prime agricultural farmland because once it's gone, it's gone.

  • Sprawl costs us all!

Low density does not pay for itself and results in a deficit, whereas higher density actually saves money.

  • Halton declared a climate emergency!

Halton region and all four municipalities declared a climate emergency, so designating 5000 acres for development isn't what we should be doing.

What Halton will look like in 2051

The planners at Halton Region are recommending Council add another 5000 acres for new development. On February 9, Council will decide.

We say no, there’s a better way!

Much of Canada’s remaining class 1 farmland is right here in Halton. Instead of sprawling outward, it's possible to increase density within the current urban boundary, creating more affordable housing and more inclusive transportation options. Click below for a deep dive on the dangers of suburban sprawl.

Suburban Sprawl costs us ALL!

STOP SPRAWL HALTON'S goal is to promote Gentle Density to save tax dollars and municipal resources!

link to Michael Geller article in

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Media courtesy of Matthew Higginson

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