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Stop Sprawl Ontario Coalition Update

There is bad news out of Durham, Peel, and other regions across Ontario. Councils have ignored constituents and their own experts to approve huge swaths of land for future development. The only way to stop this devastation is to get involved! Visit Stop Sprawl Ontario on Facebook, and exercise your right to vote in this provincial election, June 2 2022.

See SSO's full position statement.

Prior to the Statutory Public Meeting in April, we published our "wish list" for the amended ROPA 49. See our recommendations HERE

There's still time to write your Councillor to let them know where you stand on the amended ROPA 49 report to council, or better yet, click here to write a Letter to the Editor with our online tool.

Regarding the above timeline:

  • On June 15th, the ROPA 49 Recommendation Report, which will include the finalized growth plan, will be presented to Regional Council for their approval.

Click here for the Region's ROPA 49 Webpage

Halton Region has released ROPA 49

for review

Click Here for the Region's ROPA 49 Webpage

For more information, and other presentations from the Southern Ontario Growth Conference, see 50by30 Waterloo Region

Ken Greenberg addresses the Southern Ontario Growth Conference, Feb 23 2022

Halton Regional Council Votes to Stop Sprawl in Halton!

Stop Sprawl Halton was elated with the recent vote of 15-9, when Halton Regional Council passed the Burton/Meed Ward motion, which resulted in saving 5,200 acres of prime agricultural farmland from being designated for development. With the Fogal/Best amendment also passing with a 15-9 vote, Regional staff were directed to accommodate the provincially mandated growth within the existing urban boundaries.

Prior to the February 16th meeting, Councillors received over 1,000 letters from constituents concerned about the Preferred Growth plan. In addition to the letters, there were 40+ endorsements in favour of a hard urban boundary from a wide range of organizations including farm groups, labour groups, Indigenous voices, naturalists, faith groups, and young people who will be living with Council’s decision in 2051. The council meeting began at 10:30 a.m. and ran for over 8 hours, as councillors listened to more than 55 live delegations over Zoom. Not one verbal delegation was in favour of designating the farmland for development.

Stop Sprawl Halton wants to thank each and every person who contributed to the successful campaign. Every action—from visiting the website to learn about this topic, to following and engaging on social media, putting up a lawn sign and discussing the issues with neighbours, and all of the donors and volunteers and other supporters—every one was critical to this positive outcome.

How did your Councillor Vote?

Recording of Feb. 15th Online Rally

Listen to Councillors Fogal and Best discuss the Burton/Meed Ward motion and their amendment

Then Chris Krucker, (National Farmers Union Rep for Hamilton and Halton Region) & Phil Pothen (Land Use Planning Lawyer - Environmental Defence) give their professional perspectives.

It's Not Over!

Halton Regional Council will meet to vote on the Zero-Boundary Expansion Growth Plan March 23rd - Stay Tuned!


  • Stop the land grab!

Save 5000 acres of prime agricultural farmland because once it's gone, it's gone.

  • Sprawl costs us all!

Low density does not pay for itself and results in a deficit, whereas higher density actually saves money.

  • Halton declared a climate emergency!

Halton region and all four municipalities declared a climate emergency, so designating 5000 acres for development isn't what we should be doing.

What Halton will look like in 2051

The planners at Halton Region are recommending Council add another 5000 acres for new development. On February 9, Council will decide.

We say no, there’s a better way!

Much of Canada’s remaining class 1 farmland is right here in Halton. Instead of sprawling outward, it's possible to increase density within the current urban boundary, creating more affordable housing and more inclusive transportation options. Click below for a deep dive on the dangers of suburban sprawl.

Suburban Sprawl costs us ALL!

STOP SPRAWL HALTON'S goal is to promote Gentle Density to save tax dollars and municipal resources!

link to Michael Geller article in

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Media courtesy of Matthew Higginson

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