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To our dedicated base of support, for all YOU have done to secure a hard urban boundary for Halton through 2041.

This round is over, but the job is never done. There are now no less than seven Stop Sprawl groups, who are working together as the Stop Sprawl Ontario Coalition, to raise awareness and educate about the dangers of losing our farmland and wild spaces. Now more than ever we need to preserve what little we have left.

Put your signs away, but keep them handy, we may well need them if the Ontario government decides to challenge our democratically chosen Official Plan, and send it to the Ontario Land Tribunal (OLT) to be overturned.

Pop back to our home page from time to time, or follow us on social media, to keep up with any late breaking news or common-cause updates. We are sure to see more from Stop Sprawl Ontario!

Have you heard the lie?

There's a great new website where you can find social media posts and radio ads to share with your networks.

Let people know what is at stake in this provincial election.


For more information, and other presentations from the Southern Ontario Growth Conference, see 50by30 Waterloo Region

Ken Greenberg addresses the Southern Ontario Growth Conference, Feb 23 2022

Recording of Feb. 15th Online Rally

Listen to Councillors Fogal and Best discuss the Burton/Meed Ward motion and their amendment

Then Chris Krucker, (National Farmers Union Rep for Hamilton and Halton Region) & Phil Pothen (Land Use Planning Lawyer - Environmental Defence) give their professional perspectives.

Suburban Sprawl costs us ALL!

STOP SPRAWL HALTON'S goal is to promote Gentle Density to save tax dollars and municipal resources!

link to Michael Geller article in

sprawl stanley.mp4

Media courtesy of Matthew Higginson

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Save Your Lawn Signs!