How Your Councillor Voted

On February 16th, 2022, Halton Regional Council voted for NO urban boundary expansion through 2041. Did your Councillor support the motion? There's a municipal election this June. Vote for a candidate that represents your values. See below:

Following the table, there are two links to video recordings:

The first is of the February 16th Regional Council Meeting, where over 50 delegates spoke prior to Council's vote to direct staff to amend ROPA 49 to freeze the urban boundary to 2041.

The second is of the April 13th Statutory Public Meeting for ROPA 49, where delegates on both sides of the issue spoke to Regional Council.

Link to FEBRUARY 16th Regional Council Meeting : There are over 50 incredible delegations in favour of freezing the urban boundary, The vote itself occurs at approximately 8:16 (Yes! 8hrs 16mins into the meeting).

Link to APRIL 13th Statutory Public Meeting for ROPA 49 - Regional Council official opens the public comment period of ROPA49 and hears delegates at the statutory public meeting. There are a number of delegations on both sides of the argument (freezing the urban boundary to 2041).