Halton Councillors' Contact Information

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Have something you'd like to say to a specific Regional Councillor? Copy and paste from the email addresses below:


mayor@burlington.ca, kelvin.galbraith@burlington.ca, lisa.kearns@burlington.ca, rory.nisan@burlington.ca, shawna.stolte@burlington.ca, paul.sharman@burlington.ca, angelo.bentivegna@burlington.ca

mayor@haltonhills.ca, clarks@haltonhills.ca, janefogal@haltonhills.ca,

executiveservices@milton.ca, colin.best@milton.ca, rick.malboeuf@milton.ca, mike@mikecluett.ca, zeeshan.hamid@milton.ca,

mayor@oakville.ca, sean.o'meara@oakville.ca, cathy.duddeck@oakville.ca, dave.gittings@oakville.ca, allan.elgar@oakville.ca, jeff.knoll@oakville.ca, tom.adams@oakville.ca, pavan.parmar@oakville.ca,

Municipal Councillors' Email Addresses:

cajonhurst@haltonhills.ca, michaelalbano@haltonhills.ca, tedbrown@haltonhills.ca, bryanlewis@haltonhills.ca, moyajohnson@haltonhills.ca, wendyfarrowreed@haltonhills.ca, bobinglis@haltonhills.ca, annlawlor@haltonhills.ca,

kristina.tesserderksen@milton.ca, john.challinorii@milton.ca, rick.dilorenzo@milton.ca, sameera.ali@milton.ca,

beth.robertson@oakville.ca, ray.chisholm@oakville.ca, janet.haslett-theall@oakville.ca, peter.longo@oakville.ca, marc.grant@oakville.ca, natalia.lishchyna@oakville.ca, jasvinder.sandhu@oakville.ca

Call your Councillor

Our most effective tool is our voice!

Scroll down to see our suggested speaking points if you'd like some ideas before calling.

Regional Chair: Gary Carr - 905-825-6115

Mayor of Burlington:

Marianne Meed Ward - 905-335-7607

Mayor of Halton Hills:

Rick Bonnette - 905-873-2600 ext 2342

Mayor of Milton:

Gord Krantz - 905-878-7252 ext 2104 or 905-878-9423 (home)

Mayor of Oakville:

Rob Burton - 905-338-4173

Halton Hills Councillors:

Acton - Clark Somerville - 905-703-6388

Jane Fogal - 905-877-5806 (On our side - Don't call!)

Acton - Jon Hurst - 519 853 2015

Acton - Mick Albano - 519 853 3465 (corrected)

Rural - Ted Brown - 905 877 2323

Rural - Bryan Lewis - 905 877 3755

Georgetown - Moya Johnson - 905 877 3755 (On board for no sprawl - don't call!)

Georgetown - Wendy Farrow Reed - 905 877 9995

Georgetown - Bob Inglis - 905 703 1714

Georgetown - Ann Lawlor - 905 877 5662 (On board for no sprawl - don't call)

Burlington Councillors:

Ward 1: Kevin Galbraith - 905-335-7600 x 7587

Ward 2: Lisa Kearns - 905-335-7600 x 7588

Ward 3: Rory Nisan - 905-335-7600 x 7459

Ward 4: Shawna Stolte - 905-335-7600 x 7531

Ward 5: Paul Sharman - 905-335-7600 x 7591

Ward 6: Angelo Bentivegna - 905-335-7600 x 7592

Milton Councillors:

Ward 1: Colin Best - 905-878-3623

Ward 2: Rick Malboeuf - 905-875-5019

Ward 3: Mike Cluett - 647-888-9032 or 905-878-1327

Ward 4: Zeeshan Hamid - 416-823-6993

Oakville Councillors:

Ward 1: Sean O'Meara - 905-845-6601

Ward 2: Cathy Duddeck - 905-845-8374

Ward 3: Dave Gittings - 905-844-5513

Ward 4: Allan Elgar - 416-709-0082

Ward 5: Jeff Knoll - 905-815-6000

Ward 6: Tom Adams - 905-849-7915

Ward 7: Pavan Parmar - 905-815-6013

Suggested Talking Points:

"Hi my name is _______________ and I'm from _________________.

[or, "I'm a concerned citizen" if outside the region.]

I'm calling because I'm concerned about the proposed growth plan. We need to recognize that sprawl is expensive, that there is a climate emergency, and it's critical to grow sustainably.

  • CLIMATE EMERGENCY: Halton Regional Council unanimously declared a climate emergency on September 11, 2019. In addition to preserving as much nature as possible, making the world’s cities more energy efficient are the most promising tactics we can employ to have a positive effect on climate change impacts.

  • Council voted to save 5,200 acres of farmland, now SAVE FARMING. One in eight jobs in Ontario are in the agri-food industry and farmland is the base for this important economic driver. We need policies to support Halton agriculture.

  • “Land-use planning is the key lever to locking in or locking out greenhouse gas emissions at the municipal level” (Yuill Herbert, Consultant to 60 Canadian Municipalities, Principal for Sustainability Solutions Group).

  • Please direct staff to work with developers and builders to plan for complete, walkable mixed-use communities. End the current practice of separating uses, which in effect creates car-dependent living.

  • We need to set higher standards for employment uses. Ways of accommodating jobs and systems to handle goods must be more land efficient, like multiple-story warehousing.

  • Re-examine secondary plans where no building permits have been issued, or where there has been no activity for over two years, with a view to adding more mixed use and gentle density. We must strive to accommodate all growth to 2051 (not just 2041) within our existing urban boundaries.

  • Require municipalities to immediately re-examine their zoning by-laws to reduce or eliminate exclusionary zoning.

  • “Gentle density” and “missing middle” housing is everything in between single-family detached homes and tall towers – semis, townhouses, 3-4 storey apartments and condominiums, etc.

  • Gentle density housing blends in with existing neighbourhoods and is more affordable.

  • Gentle density creates walkable neighbourhoods and has enough population density to support public transit and to better support local businesses.

  • Return to in-person, broad and inclusive community consultation with a concerted effort to reach BIPOC residents, particularly Indigenous voices, and our youth, who will live to see the year 2051.